Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hey kids, our first Bitbreakfast Session in History! It was awesome drawing with you guys.
Click the B icon to see the result.

The next session takes place between 2 or 3 weeks, I might change the time because staying up till 6 am isn't... FUN! but it was totaly worth it!!
back to zombie mode now, yo.


Alabastor Lazermanifest said...

Epic. See you next live!

Claire Duffy said...

final result looks great XD

kept me up till 2am man! my bedtimes 11 hoho~

Katshupoy said...
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Haliya said...

Woopth... XD

Can't wait til next time. :3

arcainia said...

It was so fun TwT Can't wait for next time~ Thanks Nai <3
Deciding on a theme is going to be tough >:

Welcome to bitbreakfast
A concept of where multiple artist like yourself, find the time and inspiration to create a canvas full of beautiful artwork into one piece. These sessions can last up to eight hours and permit one to complete a finished work with others also combining their efforts.