Friday, June 6, 2008


hello everyone, there won't be any sessions for atleast 3 or 4 weeks. it's due the problems we had with the room, and because I simply don't have any time to spend on bitbreakfast right now D: I'll have to postpone and in return I'll go and collect everyones email, send everyone a mail as soon as the next session is going to take place. I'm really sorry for this but I think this would be better then another half assed session, I blame myself for this as it was bad timed, and it was to early to try it without boundaries.

here is Session number 4 (unfinished but still lots of amazing artwork and I would like to thank everyone who was kind enough to be there.)


Alabastor Lazermanifest said...

Yeah, I think I drew two lines when the log crashed on my end. Looks like some cool stuff happened though.

zzgrst said...

Yeah it sounds problematic, and isnt it EXAMS TIME YAHOO DURR? hmmm if the pchat keep dying you guys could always give open canvas 1.1 to everybody and then there could be some helpers for you who will host oC sessions (up to 3 people can enter+the host 4 people per canvas)
and then those hosts send you their picture.

+ huge canvas
+ nice tools
+ harder to be disconnected

-if disconnected (mostly the users internet connection problems) the log never loads, so he would lose the work done until then, but can continue drawing)
- Probably not as fun as being 30 million artists in the same canvas...
-might be problematic if some users have problem with the program, as in vista users or people with other problems like yanoodle, whose oC doesnt show the colour window (among others) so i have to give him the colours by myself

Well! just some thoughts! I really hope we can just get in a pchat that wont die or anything

Stein said...

thanks for the info zzgrst, it's a shame OC doesn't allow more then 4 people in one room. else I would have done it. I myself are a vista user so I might have problems with that aswell.

kouotsu said...

Yeah a lot of people have problems with the 3.x versions of PaintChat. It seems almost hopeless to try and fix someone's if theirs doesn't work. Either your comp works good on paintchat or it doesn't! I have never had any problems, even on dial-up!, while others can't stay connected for more than 10 minutes. It is a mystery.

Older versions of paintchat seem to be a lot more stable, though they also have a very smaller selection of tools (and no pressure sensitivity!). I wonder if someone could rework the old versions to have the pen tool/pressure?

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