Wednesday, July 30, 2008

August 01

check out the mega result noaw!


this friday at 8 pm GMT, there'll be a small session.

-note regarding this session
YOU NEED TO USE YOUR BITBREAKFAST NAME AS PROFILE NAME TO GET EXCESS INTO THE PAINTCHAT ROOM because if you don't they won't recognize you and can't premit you into the room. and PLEASE register before the session starts. this'll make things a lot easier. if not you'll need to contact me.



Haliya said...

I will try to make it to this one. D:

Okty said...

hellow interestants, im the mod (my nick is javvie) who is giving permissions at so if you have any problems or just make an account and want to check paitnchat before our session tell it here or write to me at (msn and email) see ya!

kouotsu said...

daaaang I have work in an hour!

Welcome to bitbreakfast
A concept of where multiple artist like yourself, find the time and inspiration to create a canvas full of beautiful artwork into one piece. These sessions can last up to eight hours and permit one to complete a finished work with others also combining their efforts.